In Dungeons & Dragons lore, "Trogdor the Burninator" was thirty year-old Half-Elf, chaotic-neutral Cleric of Taiaii with an affinity for fire. Trogdor was also a very stupid man, deciding that obliterating a tavern with fire would be a good way to interogate a bartender who knew more than he let on. The half-elf was then challenge by a monk and killed the holy man, but only barely. Afterwards, he urinated on the monk's body, then chased after an Elven archer that was in his party. The Elven archer noticed Trogdor forgot to put away his "piece" and promptly shot an arrow into his unguarded crotch, scoring a maximum-damage critical hit which promptly killed the Burninator.

More information can be found at the RPG Mortuary.
Trogdor, a chaotic neutral cleric of the goddess credited with creating the world, was very anxious to prove his worth to the party that he had just joined.
by Joseph D. Collins May 1, 2005
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i wish i was trogdor dude he awesome! i wish i could burnanate the pesants.....
by heather seidel September 8, 2003
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he was a man.. he was a dragon man... actually no he was just a dragon... but he was still TROGDOR!!!!
i will call him trogdor the burnnator
by Anonymous April 11, 2003
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a good way to describe a hot person
your partner would die from looking at you with your trogdorness
by mhagidb December 26, 2021
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trogdor is an elvish plumber who deals in shotguns and sharp meat cutting utensils as a side job,his hobbies include,deepsea diving,counting his ongrowing eyelashes,and collecting small peelings of sunburned skin inwhich he collects from various nude beaches,he is neither dragon nor wasted menstration,he is alone and focused,he will forevermore be known as TROGDOR !!!!!!!
by BACHYNSKI July 18, 2003
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