A name for a non-melanated person. Troglodytes are cave dwelling creatures that arent exposed to UV rays and as such are devoid of skin pigmentation. Used primarily by people of color to refer to people of European ancestry. Especially common use is seen amongst Hoteps.
These trogs love to think they are the pinnacle of evolution.
by ya hurd-ygurdy? September 9, 2021
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A female who looks like the love child of a troll and a dog; an individual as ugly as the word sounds, sometimes promiscuous but not always.
"I could totally see that girl being a troggy slut when she grows up"

"I was ambushed by a Trog the other day at work"
by Hawaiian Nixon August 20, 2013
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Another word for fuel, ie diesel, petrol, gas
got to go to the petrol station for some trog
by Choccocat December 30, 2009
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Trog is a shorten version of the word Troglodyte
by Peppiepies December 17, 2020
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The act of clicking through a social media network or library interface with no real intended destination.
"I was trogging through Spotify the other day and I found some incredible music."

"I'm going to trog Facebook until I find 'the one'"
"I found this cool tony stark wiki article when I trogged on the Marvel article"
by the mooseman May 13, 2014
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Completing mindless, repetitive tasks in the early stages of World Of Warcraft gameplay (such as killing numerous Troggs) in order to complete quest orders, earn currency and level up your character.
I started a new character last night and was doing mindless trogging until 6am so I could buy him some better armor and weapons.
by hngryGenghis October 11, 2010
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