A beautiful young girl who deserves better than what she gets No matter your pain shell be there for you always and forever she is Cute in every way will always be nice never be fake to her She deaerves betyer I love her even tho we not. Together❤...
Trista is beautiful and independent...
by Sup dick wads whore ass February 24, 2019
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Trista is the person everyone seems drawn to, because of her beauty and optimistic attitude. She will give to others, because she finds joy in the happiness of others. The tragedy of her story is that she will forever roam the earth searching for one person who can and will reciprocate her love. Male or female, she doesn't care, because she is always searching for the one human connection to lift her up.
Her smile hides her pain. She didn't live the easy life that her smile suggests. She keeps that pain hidden from all others, because the few times she tried to let someone see it ended badly. She has realized that her pain is for her soul alone.
She is told she is beautiful, but she does not see it. When she looks in the mirror, she sees all the negative she has been told. So, when you whisper behind her back that she is just a dumb whore, she's already heard that and she already believes it. You won't be the first, nor the last to whisper that hate.
She comes across as strong, assertive and empowered...but when she is alone, she is fragile. She just sits in the dark waiting for the demons to finally take her away.
"Is that Trista?"
"Yeah, she's always so happy"
"I wonder how she is when no one is looking"
by Fueled By Caffeine 666 February 22, 2021
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Trista: Usually Female, Shorter version for Tristan.

An intellagent, Beautiful Woman.
Very attractive to most guys.
Not shy.
Good Kisser.
Maybe A bit dramatic/Bitchy.
Usually a good fighter.
Wow, You see the way she fights? Definately a Trista.
by Mz.Giggles June 10, 2009
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A girl solely with a pure heart. A sheer icon among those who know her. You can rely on her and trust her with anything that you tell her. It is always in her best nature to do what is good for all of her friends. Somebody who you can truly depend on.
"Do you know that girl trista?"
"Of course, who doesn't?"
by Tommymahman November 27, 2017
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The female version of the name Tristan but sounds more appealing and beautiful to the ear.
Person- Hey, I'm Trista.
by Evee May 24, 2008
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One who is extemely sensitive and starts alot of family drama.
Shes just being Trista
by Innocence in Cali August 15, 2008
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