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An insightful, young intelligent girl who knows how to balance her work and personal life.
He has been denying marriage because he is looking for a trishala.
by esdftr May 18, 2018
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The people with name Trishala have are cool minded person with no stress. They are least concerned with the necessary procedures. Thereby, these people sometimes miss the fun and most importantly the pros and cons of the process. Sanity of mind is strictly not for these persons. They can often have a restless and whimsical tendency of mind. It is likely that they can find themselves in serious hardship or get themselves into trouble because of their lack of mental stability. Very often, these people work hard without any concrete purpose. They do not have a steel mind and can be hold back by other people. They nurture liberal thought and are very suitable to professions like writing or teaching. Intelligence is a common quality for them.
Trishala is a person of mind.
by Zain1imam August 17, 2018
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