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A spectacular move where one successfully takes a piss, plops a shit, and either whacks off (or rubs one out) all in one sitting on the can.
Dave has been in the bathroom for 20 minutes. I bet that bastard is either pulling off a Triple Deke or cleaning up a Speckled Moon. Since you're a fag, put your ear up to the door and listen for the grand finale.
by Mad Mick! July 18, 2016
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Formerly know as a hockey drill, the "Triple Deke" is when you have your penis in a woman's vagina and you insert both testicles into her ass!
Woah, did you hear that Phil gave Kandy the triple deke six times in one night!?!? What a legend!!!
by Robot Print February 24, 2009
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After taking a hit out of a bong, blocking a nostril with your finger, alternate nostrils three times, then blow the rest out of your mouth.
Holy shit, that guy just triple-deked
by Sir Robin Hood March 15, 2010
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