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A girl who is pretty and smart and funny.

(and have big boobies and a nice ass!)
Dude #1: OMG! Did you see the but on that hottie!?

Dude #2: Noooo... I was looking at those beautiful big ones... at the front.
(Dude #2 obviously talking about her eyes!)
Dude #1: Yeeeah... It must be a Trine!
by Krummen February 05, 2010
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Ebonics for "trying." Often used to guage one's interest in participation of some activity.
You trine to go bowling with me?
by JoeSoHeady April 27, 2006
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Trine is a girls name, she's most likely a vegan. And she shares disgusting things about animals on FB. Don't befriend a girl named Trines, since she won't shut up about being a vegan.
You're such a Trine
by ThePungRat May 17, 2016
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misspelling of 'tryna', as in 'trying to'
GUY: yo wys
FRIEND: loafting, u trine burn?
GUY: ya

FRIEND: say less omw
by yungflexgod January 03, 2017
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