A girl who is pretty and smart and funny.

(and have big boobies and a nice ass!)
Dude #1: OMG! Did you see the but on that hottie!?

Dude #2: Noooo... I was looking at those beautiful big ones... at the front.
(Dude #2 obviously talking about her eyes!)
Dude #1: Yeeeah... It must be a Trine!
by Krummen February 5, 2010
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An incredibly beautiful woman, who will enchant you, once you get close to her. Trine is curious, sweet and very smart. She wants to listen and learn and she has a great interest in the world and what's going on in it. She wants to make the world a better place, and she is a feminist, in the proper definition. Smart, educated and well-spoken and she believes in actual equality. Trine has a lot of opinions and she is not afraid to talk about them and have a debate or just a conversation on various topics. She is a very sweet girl with a lot of love. She will treat you very nicely and isn't afraid to give sincere compliments.

Trine is an amazingly beautiful and sexy woman, and she should be treasured and treated well always. She deserves the entire world, even when she can't see that herself. She is so much more beautiful and amazing, than she could ever know. She can be fragile at times, but that only makes you want to love her even more, so you can protect and support her. When she's ever sad all you want to do is just help her to find her happiness again. Trine loves music and knows a lot of it. She is very lovable, and even though she loves to tease, you can never get tired of her, because of it.
Wow, that girl, Trine, is stunning.

If I was ever with Trine, I would never leave.

Haha, you're so funny, Trine.
by Laww January 21, 2021
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Trine is the kind of girl that makes you smile just by the thought of her. Her eyes, hair, lips, and smile melts your heart and you wish you could spend all day with her, just gazing into her endless eyes. But you can't. Because she's way out of your league. She's like a dream you'll never reach. You're also afraid, confused, lost in the abyss because you know you'll lose her. She's a ticking time bomb.

I hope you see this.
Guy1: Damn look at that chick she thicc ...
Guy2: Yeah she's beautiful...
Guy1: Is she an angel?
Guy2: No, she's a Trine
by NuffinGuffin November 29, 2018
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Trine is a girls name, she's most likely a vegan. And she shares disgusting things about animals on FB. Don't befriend a girl named Trines, since she won't shut up about being a vegan.
You're such a Trine
by ThePungRat May 17, 2016
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misspelling of 'tryna', as in 'trying to'
GUY: yo wys
FRIEND: loafting, u trine burn?
GUY: ya

FRIEND: say less omw
by yungflexgod January 4, 2017
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Ebonics for "trying." Often used to guage one's interest in participation of some activity.
You trine to go bowling with me?
by JoeSoHeady April 27, 2006
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Pronounced (try-ning) trining it’s a combo of a temper tantrum and whining.
The kid was trining after the parents didn’t let him have a toy
by Anonymous1078 May 4, 2021
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