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Being in a town/city/county that promotes boredom upon yourself; the place you are at has no interest to you.
dude this town is so trigg. Why did we come here?
by danger89 November 26, 2009
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A clean child with mix matched clothing or clothing that does not fit properly.
Letting child pick own clothing which ususlly does not match or is not in the best contition. "You look like a little trigg today!"
by ajcarlisle August 15, 2008
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a retarted ass person who is very protective of her paper and cheats on her husband with

pictures socially awkward and crys over nothing and no one gives a shit
omg she just cheated on her husband with a picture she is such a triggs
by teacherfucker123 May 08, 2018
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A bean lover who constantly farts , is deluded. A gym enthusiast who loves to work out on the sly
Trigg is a gremlin
by :)112 May 02, 2018
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