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is a great guy. he is loving and caring. he will listen to you and love you as long as you will let him. he is very creative and smart.He will be with you through it all even through the most rough of storms. he has the biggest heart and personality. he makes anygirl feel special and like she is his whole world. he makes a girl feel like she is beautiful no matter what she or anyone else thinks of her. he makes a girl feel like a princess. he is valued as a boyfried,husband,
friend,fiance, ect.he makes a girl smile even when she feels like giving up. he is super attractive and he is extremely loved.he is a amazing person and is loved for eternity.
I am inlove with you Trey!

Trey is my world!

I will love Trey more than anyone else will ever think of doing.

I can never live without Trey!

I will love Trey even after my heart stops beating!
by MandyAngel09 September 07, 2011
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Solarpunk is a literary movement, a hashtag, a flag, and a statement of intent about the future we hope to create.
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he has a basketball game tomorr-ow
hi my name is trey n i have a basketball game tomorrowww (rip vine)
by michelleandtrey July 24, 2018
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Trey has a huge dong typically 15-20 inches long
He is normally blonde and hilarious

Every girl will remember his huge peen inside their wet pussy craving it constantly
That guys wiener was almost as big as treys!!
by Eueyegeb October 06, 2019
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a super hot guy but hes also really cute; he's always up for nudes and talking nasty shit but hes a lot more than that. he also cares about you as a person , even if he doesn't always show it. he'll always make time for you, and he'll risk everything just to be with you. he'll take time out of his day to see you, he'll cancel on other girls, he'll cancel events, and he'll cancel on his friends just because he loves you. he always writes you paragraphs to wake up to in the morning, and he always want to call you to hear your voice. he'd risk getting in trouble for you, and so much more. He might be a little annoying sometimes, but it's only because hes just overprotective and wants to make sure your only his. he always remind you that he loves you and hes usually the first to say sorry when yall argue
ugh i love trey so much holy shittt
by dumb_nigga_or_whateva December 15, 2019
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a totally confusing but incredible guy. your friends will hate him because they're jealous. his friends will pick on you because they have his back. a guy thats been through a lot and needs a sweet girl to settle down with. he'll be there to pick you up when your sad. trust is his issue. he may lie. he may say things to make you mad. but in the end he cares so much its not even funny.
trey, i love you.
by trey's girlfriend<3 November 26, 2011
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the most amazing boy ever. a guy who i will never forget. the boy who can always cheer me up when i've had a bad day. someone i ALWAYS have fun with, no matter what we're doing. the person i want to be with for a long, long time. :)
trey is incredible.
by sammiyourgirlfriend August 24, 2009
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