1. A type of coat which drapes down to your lower knees or near your feet. Occasionally has inner and/or deep pockets to carry materials.

2. A type of clothing that is infamously known by pretty much everyone in existence today from the Trench Coat Mafia who terrorized Columbine back in 1999.

3. I wear this kind of clothing and it scares the shit out of people.

4. If you wear it, you get severely steroetyped by pretty much anyone (even cops, who banned me from the mall for 'shoplifting'. They didn't like the coat, I presume).
Example 1: Me: I love my Trench Coat. It's so warm.

Example 2: Me: The Trench Coat Mafia made a bad name for these cool ass coats.

Example 3: Scared Citizen: Get that coat away from me!

Trench Coat Wearer: Fuck off, I ain't leaving buddy.

Example 4: Cop: I'm gonna have to let you leave, son.

Random Guy: Why, officer?

Cop: You shoplifted, didn't you?

Random Guy: Uh, no I didn't.

Cop: Well, the Trench Coat pretty much gives it away. You're banned for a year. If you come back, you'll be arrested.

Random Guy: I'm getting tired of this place, anyways. (Whispering) Fucking stereotype...
by Mister E. February 15, 2004
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comfortable and warm coats that have many uses when you think about it. i was once stranded and was forced to use mine as a blanket. The pockets may be used for many things, i suggest you always have a book, a power bar, and a can of mountain dew. these coats were given bad names by the columbine killers, when in fact one of them had never previously worn one. almost always worn by every single kick ass character to ever be seen in any video game, movie, or anime.
Sephiroth, Dante, Alucard, The Crow, Neo, you get the picture
by LA LA LA LA LA LA LA August 14, 2004
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Very comfortable, warm coats, usually comes in leather. It's differnet than other coats because these types of coats drape down enough where only your feet and the lower part of your legs are shown. This makes the wearer warmer and drier than other alternatives.

Sadly, alot of adults (usually middle-aged or older) look completely down upon these coats because they can easily conseal weapons such as sawn-off shotguns, uzis, and other firearms. All this because of reputation when students coming in guns blazing wearing these coats.

Because of this, I'm forbidden to wear such a coat to my high school, and I live no where near Colorado.
"What the hell is stopping me from shashing weapons in a backpack or a winter coat yet I can't wear fucking trench coats in school, you shit-headed assholes?"
- A response I made to the "people" running the school I go to.
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An incredibly comfortable and warm coat that reaches down near the ankles, thus making the person look badass and more sophisticated than the next person. Nobody wears them because they aren't "street" enough (you can't skateboard in them...big deal).
by ...hellno February 20, 2004
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the thing that school shooters and Eugenes wear

Eugene: whats wrong im just wearing my good old Trench Coat

police officer:tackle him


Officer:everyone knows that school shooters wears trench coats
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Long ass coats that have huge pockets on the inside perfect for holding guns,drugs,stolen items etc.
The cops funs a gun and a ounce of coke in the pockets of his trench coat
by lazyassloser March 25, 2004
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A long buttoned coat, for both men and women, that hangs below the waist, and usually below the knees. Can be made of cloth, fur, or leather. In pop culture, it is associated with the mob or other criminal organizations (IE the Mafia), cyber-heros (Neo) or the goth lifestyle. Full length provides greater warmth compaired to other coats of the same material, and when sitting, prevents wet surfaces from comming in contact with the wearer.
Man, that trench coat looks really cool on him. He is tall so he can wear one well.
by Joseph007 August 17, 2006
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