To be insanely high on pot to the point of Levitation.
He is so treed!
by little f'er May 12, 2003
What happens to cats when they get chased by dogs/kids/etc, and end up in a tree to escape.
by Willoe July 3, 2011
1.Being of a higher social class than you are expected and or suppose to be in.

2. Being more sucessful in life than you should be.
3. Alternative Rock Artists
Tom: did you see the new bum they hired here?
Joe: I know! Look at the way he dresses, he is treed.
by TreedMan101 June 6, 2009
To fill in a test bubbling the answers randomly, like placing christmas bulbs on a tree, to guess because you don't know the answer or are to lazy to do it right.
I just christmas-treed the final exam because I always cut class and didn't know anything.
by paige dodge February 16, 2007
Getting so stoned that you're dumber than normal
sally got dumb treed .
by jacob mclovn July 3, 2017
dude, your party was so sick last night.

uhhh, i don't remember, i was so fucking happy-treed!
by jen16 December 28, 2007
when a guy trys to put his dick into a girls cunt but she is too tight so his head only gets in. makeing a tree the cunt being leaves and the dick is the trunk.
man yester day me and my boyfriend were gonna do stuff...but i got cunt treed... he is too big!
by cherriefreak326 March 7, 2008