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The gerund form of the verb To Treb. Trebbing is using Alex Trebek as a recreational drug. Side effects include Canadian heritage, smart ass knowledge, and an intense hatred for your tenured position.

Other street names include: Trib, Trob, Bacon n' Trebs, Fat Treb, Hot Treb, Deep Treble, That GOOD Shit, Trebicle, Treblesome, Trebdiculous, Treb Door, Trebpipulous, Trebdapadon.
Hey dudes, wanna go trebbing after school? My mom's not home.
5 bucks a treb, man. 10 for Final Jeopardy, and 20 for a Daily Double.
Outta my way! I'm going in my dressing room to treb. If anyone knocks their middle class knuckles on my door, I will murder you with this popular piece of lumber used to strike balls. The question, what is a fucking BASEBALL BAT???? I'll take get the FUCK OUT OF MY WAY for 400.
by Jolly Solly, Elysian Fields November 09, 2009
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