Teasing. To make fun of. To riddicule.
Man, she's treatin you.
by Mandie December 29, 2005
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The Act of treatin large females verbally in a non sexual or sexual way. This act is usually performed during the celebration of Halloween, in which you bring candy to these large women giving them sweets and treating some tricks.

Treatin some tricks also represents the action of putting extra sugar on your tricks cereal to sweeten it up, and make every bite that much more enjoyable.
Hey kid! Just because it aint Halloween doesn't mean yah gotta stop trating some tricks!

Hey Jimmy whats with all the suga?!
Duh Malinsky! Cant you see im treatin some tricks!
by David Malinsky: The Gimp March 17, 2005
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1) A casual greeting used by an individual addressing another individual. Often used instead of or in conjunction with (following) word such as "hi, how are you, how's it going or hey."

2) A question used to inquire about the status of how an individual is treated amongst peers, family, or anyone else the particular indivual is in contact with. In this interogative state the sentence carries a question mark.

1) dude: "hey, how're they treatin you?"
bro: "Man, you know those people at work are killin me"
by Karen S November 13, 2007
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