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Noun. A deformity of the face that causes people to act retarded and moo and stuff and take dumps everywhere.
Damn! Dat Beyatch gots the mad treach!
by Ben Lynch December 28, 2004
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Ben is right. The Treach makes you moo and act retarded and take dumps everywhere and then, like, rub the dumps into your hair and stuff.
I saw a freaky-faced hobo with the Treach. I gave him a buck but he just ate it. Damn Treachy hobo mofo.
by Eleni Bozia March 08, 2005
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Researching Treacher-Collins syndrome at the National Craniofacial Associaton's website, I found out that the syndrome, also called mandibulofacial dysostosis, causes facial anomolies and sometimes speech and hearing problems. It does not cause a tendency to "act retarded", "moo and stuff" or "take dumps everywhere". ben, I would diagnose your condition as the results of INBREEDING, rather than a case of Treacher Collins syndrome.
ben lynch has never been to Canada street, has no idea what he's dribbling off at the mouth about, and is the type of white racist scumwad who is resentful of anyone and everyone with a full set of teeth, the ability to walk upright, and a normal-sized penis.
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