Travon is a peaceful type of guy at least that’s what he searches for. Can be outgoing but most of the time laid back. Travon is loyal he loves with every once of blood in his body. He’s very respectful until disrespected; he’ll do anything for you. Don’t get on his bad side because you may experience the opposite.
Travon’s the best
by iJessi March 11, 2019
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He is very confident in what he do. He like to talk fakes but is not always right. He also laugh for no reason. When he talk about stuff he always can back it up. Everybody can get along with this guy
Girl: Hey is that Travon from school
Girl 2: yea he's funny and love football
Girl 3: I heard he's good at football
by Linsey March 12, 2017
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A sexy ass nigga, who is in love with a beautiful elegant girl name Taylor. He has a pretty smile, He can ball. and the Ladies love him.
by mskhvdu April 21, 2013
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Also known as PAT; When you like someone and they like you back but you don't make a move soon enough and you miss your chance getting together with that person.
"Why is Riley so sad today?"
"He waited too long to make a move and pulled a Travon"
"Well thats a darn shame."
by lvgay November 20, 2013
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