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Tranya is a wonderful intelligent person and when it comes down to loving someone she will hold her feelings and her mood change fast she always going to try to look her best but she will try to keep you for the longest and hold you form the weakest but she’s a cool, pretty personal hold her emotions and she will put you in your place. She a goofy person. she going to be right with you.
{Tranya} not everyone like her. She don’t give a fuck. When it comes down to fighting you fucked up
by Lulu smith October 27, 2018
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Marijuana. Slang term to describe dope when trying to conceal that of which you speak.
Do you have tranya? Can you get tranya? The female tranya is almost ripe.
by Scott Boyer June 28, 2005
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Tranya is pretty. she whole her feelings. Shy, her mood change fast . She will always have your back. Never let you back. Is emotional but not show she is a lovely person and will trying to keep you for a long time she is a freaky person.
Tranya is a lovely person anyone will be happy to be here friend or more
by Lulu smith October 10, 2018
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