1. A Vietnamese girl with freckles on both sides of her face.
2. To be cute and enthusiastic.
3. Smart, loves volleyball
She is so trang, i think i have a crush on her.

Look at that baby, she is so trang.
by reset December 28, 2009
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Trang is an Awesome Asian girl that is sporty and BEAUTIFUL! Boys love her.<3She is creative as in Dancing and drawing. She loves to go out with her friends and family. She is super nice, SUPER SKINNY and is random and funny. She also has BIG GORGEOUS eyes. Her favorite color is green.
I can't Believe it!!!!!!
Isnt that TRANG!!!!

She is so Trang.

He's going out with a Trang!
by NunYaRights November 23, 2011
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Shes ubberly ahmazing :) She is often quiet buht got lots in her mindd. Shes currently in love with this special guy named Kenny. She loves him more than anyone else. She's a short little asian wit lots of attitude. She thinks that there are billions of things that are wrong with her but the truth is shes perfect!
by trngmn June 05, 2009
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Jamaican slang derived for english word "Strong". used to describe mainly women who have impressively thick and well formed body structure (namely hips and buttocks, thighs). Can be used by ladies for men too.
Bombaat!! Da girl deh Trang eeh?
Man.. what a girl Trang!!
by Lance-P. B. June 14, 2010
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To trang mean to troll and hang out at the same time. A place of trang is where you troll and hang out. A tranger is a person who hangs around and trolls the same place.
I went to Trang at the mall.
This Tranger wouldn't leave me alone.
by blacklugnerrabbit April 24, 2009
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