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The way I feel sick when I am without Trang, alone or with other people. At this time it is not believed that trangitis is contagious.
Symptoms of trangitis include lonliness, loss of appetite, difficulty concentrating, and an inability to smile without thinking about Trang.
by Mike December 06, 2004
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A fatal disease that can come from hanging around girls named trang. Trangitis comes in 6 stages.
1. Vegetarianism- You'll slowly give up meat but you will also refuse to eat vegetables because you're stubborn.
2. Cup Noodleism- Your lack of nutrition from no meat and vegetables will lead to you only eating cup noodles.
3. Hypertension- Your addiction for cup noodles will give you high blood pressure and give you a high risk of death.
4. Tranny Obsession- You'll develop an obsession over trannies like John Luu because your mind's going insane.
5. Bad Spelling- In addition, since your mind is going insane, you'll spell easy words wrong.
6. Craziness- You'll start to laugh for no reason at all and everyone will think you're on drugs but in reality you've been infected with Trangitis. At this point, it's too late and you've now become a Trang.
Symptons- Barfing, Meatphobia, spelling chocolate wrong, addiction to Gossip Girl, Weirdness
He's been hanging with trang too much, he's developed trangitis.
by NotAnt June 13, 2013
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