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that is what her fanbase cals themself because they aer so lonely tbeg watch a rejected basketball team member walk and shake its hair and call the wet dog dead hair hot.

i.e. onra
do u see that 171cm chick ober yhetre yhst mudt me a victoria tran stan.
by cangle November 24, 2021
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The absolute worst thing anyone can say about your family. It’s irrefutable, and every other “Ur” is dwarfed by this insult’s magnitude.
George-Hey, John, ur granny tranny
John-Don’t make me do it, George
George- Do it! Ur brother a mother, I bet you won’t!
John- Fine then! Ur Clan’s Trans!
All seizes to exist. God is dead, there is no Earth, only pain and suffering for all that was.
by ComradeCommie March 24, 2018
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When you completely want to destroy your opponent and "ur mom gay" and "ur dad a lesbian" wasn't enough.
you: ur mom gay
foe: no u
you: ur dad a lesbian
foe: *ded* no U!
you: ur grandma is trans
foe: *stops reincarnating*
by fantomsloth March 10, 2018
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When someone responds no u to ur mom gay, you can only save yourself by saying this specific sentence.
- ur mom gay
- no u
- ur grandma trans
- oh no
by gotmilked March 27, 2018
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this is the most crucial thing that can be said by a person, it was also called the "Chromo-gone"
John: ur mom gay
Ben: ur dad lesbian
John: ur mans a trans

Ben lose a chromosome
by Exploosiv March 19, 2018
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