The process of adding trans people or views to history or previously created content.
people stating that native American culture has always had more than two genders is Trans washing history. although the fact is that the 2 spirits nonsense was only made up in the 90's.
by Aust_Neil November 25, 2022
An action taken by someone with transphobic views which appears to be trans-friendly, but which is intended to give the public perception of them denying or covering up for their transphobic views.
Someone, such as a political candidate, with a record of transphobic views who contributions to a trans-persons GoFundMe for surgery, thereby seeking to trans wash their past views.
by rjfk October 7, 2021
It's people who are identifying as the opposite sex or who have had sex transition surgery but who's DNA tells all.
You might be trans-its if you are offended by the female symbol on the ALWAYS package.
by Steve1951 October 24, 2019
muhammed switched from Shia to Sunni to support ISIS. He's trans-sectual
by Mitchatnight September 2, 2016
What conservatives call trans people when they want rights and, don’t actually know what they are talking about so instead they make new words up to cover for it.
“I think there’s something worse than white supremacy in America and it’s Trans-Terrorist running around!!!”

Jannette are you of you’re meds again?”
by Sugore:3 June 26, 2022
I don’t hate trans women because they’re trans, I hate them because they’re women
Jeff despises Michelle because he’s a trans-inclusive radical misogynist.”
by happyb-daymichelle January 24, 2023
"Tran” is a name normally given to Vietnamese girls. Ngans are very outgoing and creative and can also be wild at times. She is also horny with man and idolize her typical boyfriends.
How to horny as Tran?
by tranfuwakd November 21, 2021