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short form for Tramadol
some people don't have the ability for their body to process this drug, which can lead to suprise when it kicks in really strongly after an hour for some
John took 150mg of Tram and didnt expect it to hit him , and was suprised when it did
by Emmatic April 24, 2011

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A really lame slang term for okay. is typically used by drunk teenagers on msn
Hailey was so drunk, she actually said Kayers on msn
by Emmatic October 26, 2009

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A "drug" that is commonly found in south asian neighborhoods in Canada, made of ground poppy pods
The powder from the Poppy pods is then used to make a tea, or is injested in some other way
He/she was really nodding out from the Doda
by Emmatic April 24, 2011

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a phrase to explain how awsome a person or thing is
Kelly was so awsome sauce
by Emmatic April 24, 2011

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Self esteem a made up term that is used to get back at someone when they do harm to their body or degrade themself
Sam - Hannah! why did you sleep with that guy ? don't you have any self esteem?

Hannah - self esteem dosn't exist
by Emmatic October 27, 2009

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