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A digital vinyl system developed by Native Instruments for DJing. This system is used by major artists such as,
Richie Hawtin
Grandmaster Flash
Wikipedia it IDK it's not really an example thing. It is an absolute noun not an abstract one one.

Oh also just because, you are supposed to use the word "are" when referring to multiples not "is". For example, "There is a lot of DJs using Traktor these days" Is an incorrect sentence. The correct version is "There are a lot of DJs using Traktor these days".
by Demosthenes007 January 09, 2011
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the most awesome form of transportation,and only cool,really bad ass people have it,but if u own it u will have a lot of girls,and will be considered as the ''elite'' part os society
i didn't want to do it on our first date,but we did it anyway....IN HIS TRAKTOR!!!
by 'ercegovka November 15, 2010
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