The act of masturbating over an extended period of time, usually an hour, in which you simulate multiple sexual positions to increase your stamina.
Carter hadn't slept with anyone in a while, so when he though he might get lucky, he did a training run to get himself ready.
by donthinkso May 11, 2013
To have several people fucking the shit out of you
How down are you to have a train run on you?
by allevarkanis January 9, 2018
Two men having sex with one woman.

Originally coined by the musical group Little Feet.
There were two trains running. One of them was my friend's and the other was mine.
by vindex parsley April 9, 2011
The Act of multiple individuals, namely males, engaging in sexual activity with one female.
Yo i saw his girlfriend with those guys on a subway they were Running Train(running a train) on her
by Dr. Sandman July 12, 2009
to "gangbang" a girl with several friends.
Think of an actual train - one goes over the tracks, and then another. Now, say these trains were friends of some asshole, and the tracks were... you get the idea.
by babette January 1, 2004
When a bunch of guys have sex with the same girl one after another with no break for the girl
Yo tonight were going run train on that bitch Jenny
-Cool hopefully i'm not the caboose.
by bloddyazzcheese February 15, 2009
To call your friends to preform various unforgivable acts of a sexual nature on one female in rapid succession.
I'm 'bout to call bovice. We 'bout to run train on you, bitch!
by un4gvable1 March 11, 2008