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A combination of the derogatory word "faggot" and the word "transgender" to describe someone who is both transgender and gay.
"You're gay, and you're transgender?"
"Yeah. You could say I'm a traggot."
by MyMilotic May 16, 2018
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A contraction of the words tranny and faggot. Used by transgender people, especially homosexual transgender people, to have a laugh at themselves. Some are offended by this word being used by self-identified traggots, but others say it's fine to reclaim such words to describe yourself.
I have gender dysphoria and am attracted to others of my gender: I am a traggot.
by graedion June 11, 2018
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a transgender male who is also gay or into other men.
a combination of two slurs tranny and faggot.
Created by Ryan Stalvey
"Ryan Stalvey is a traggot."
by 123asdlkjmnb June 01, 2018
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