A non-human species also known as Sociopathus Destructus which looks and sounds like a Homo Sapiens but is incapable of feeling empathy or compassion.
The Sociopathus Destructus entire existence evolves around politics and preying on others. Its natural habitat is Washington DC but it can be found at all levels of local, state and federal governments around the world. It reproduces through ideas and is well known for its extraordinary ability to convince people to believe in anything it says. The Sociopathus Destructus is considered to be extremely dangerous as it will quickly destroy anyone who disagrees with it.
Friend 1: Yo, I'm bored and thinking of running for office.

Friend 2: Don't do it. You'd get eaten alive by the political animals, bro.
by Viking Wisdom February 28, 2016
yall are BAD 😘😂🤘
Animals on TOP!!
Political animals r baddies
by lostmydealdo November 29, 2021