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If you find yourself a Tracy keep her ..

she's extremely loyal and when she loves she dedicates 100% in it..

she's cute and has a strange but funny sense of humour that not allot of people get .. and loves hugs..

She worksout.
Person 1 :That girl has guns for days ...

Person 2: she must be a Tracy!

Person 1 :OMG she's hilarious.

Person 2: she must be a Tracy
by meeemie December 03, 2016
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Tracy is the girl of every guy's dream. She has a rocking body with a fine ass and a wonderful smile. She is the hybrid of a hot rockstar and a nerd. She has perfect skin and her smile lights up the world. Every day I see her, I feel like the luckiest guy in the world. She has everything and IS my everything. There's no one that can compare to her.

She's the girl i'm in love with.
Tracy is the one for me. I love her and i always will. She'll always be my thunder through this monsoon.
by man in love January 07, 2009
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The best girl you can think of. normally short but guys think it's cute. shes the girl everyone turns to in advice shes the bestfriend or the sister. she may not act like she likes it but she does. she has hazel gorgeous eyes and the best personality. she can be geeky but in the cutest way. She doesn't care what she looks like and can be a bitch but she doesn't care. No one shows it but they all love her.
i love you tracy <3
by justinxobieber April 22, 2011
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Pretty awesome name, most commonly found in girls/women, Tracy means to be strong-willed, selfless, and brave.
Tracy will help out anybody in need.
by theresa faust February 13, 2010
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One who is always straight up with her peeps. Always willing to help a friend in need. Kind-hearted, respectful, drama-free but is not afraid to speak her mind and keep it real
She pulled a tracy wn i really needed help at work!
by keepin it real 2010 nd always February 06, 2010
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1.) The unisex name Tracy \t-ra-cy\ is pronounced TRAY-see. It is of Irish Gaelic origin,one meaning is warlike. Another originating as a nickname for Theresa "late summer"

2.) A term referring to one who has many contradicting qualities, characteristics or traits usually in an EITHER/OR basis ie; Nice, cruel, Stubborn, Compliant, Sparkly, Dark, Social, isolated, Wishful, hopeless, innocent, sinful, naieve, cunning, proud, ashamed, determined, indifferent, generous, glutton, giving, selfish, trustworthy, dishonest, good, evil etc

3.) One who some would say posesses the cognitive, social, logical skills of a 5 year old-- think about this: 5 year olds are pretty much masters of all those areas and more so than adults the majority of the time!!!
Cheer up buttercup it wasn't your fault. Come out of the house, stand out in a crowd, Not like you knew that would happen you're the sweetest girl I know.... Oh! you did....well they deserved it and funny how they came to you for advice about what you had caused!! Pretty calculating and yet executed with integrity and class although somewhat evil it was flawless and very kind of you to offer a bandaid for the wound so to speak. That was a 10 point tracy girl!
by Budderflie May 31, 2007
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