A big deal. Much bigger deal than Chuck.
Who's a bigger deal .. Tracy or Chuck ...

Tracy for sure.
by punkibrew December 06, 2010
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Ambitious, loyal, and sometimes inconsiderate. Her ambition is a good thing, driving her to do her best. Her loyalty is what keeps her friends. A little bit weird, but that's part of the charm. She's a good friend and kind to most. A little awkward around guys. Funny, with a wacky sense of humor that not all people get. Her peers admire her academic prowess, but envy her too. A hothead, who can't handle her emotions. A ball of passionate fire. When she's mad, don't get too close. Overall, an interesting person.
Tracy is very ambitious.
by MilkTea7 March 06, 2019
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Tracy is a beautiful women, she is very loyal and is freaky with that special someone. Tracy is always there and ur lucky to have a Tracy in your life
Tracy is a smoke show.
by Luther games April 14, 2019
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tracy is a hot ass bitch. she has an amazing sense of style, she'll make your make up feel like you did an ass job since hers is so much better. she's goofy, and will make you day 10x times better when you see her. shes loving, caring and very empathetic. don't make a promise you can't keep, because that will hurt her but she'll never tell you. be honest with her, she thrives with honesty.
Person 1 - Hey is that Tracy.

Person 2 - Yeah isn't she a hot ass bitch.

Person 3 - I want to be her.

Person 4 - Same.
via giphy
by E1M2I January 01, 2021
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another name for a best friend you do absolutely everything with and are always around.

your tracy and be a partner, bestie or even family member that you are always with and share a special bond no one could match.
“who’s your tracy?” “sarah is my tracy!”
by Madydd August 16, 2020
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loyal and mazing she will be kind to anyone who is nice to get she has this smile you can never unseen and even tho she thinks she's ugly she's is not at all her insecurities may take her over but she is stronger than her insecurities
your so loyal tracy
by michaelsucksballs April 13, 2019
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tracy is someone you can go to when you need help tracy goes to hot springs she does not know who i am ans she will never
tracy is in mr.yarberrys class
by tracy... March 07, 2018
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