The ultimate Tracy, There is no E in this Tracy, which makes it the best kind.
Tracy no E, Edgy, Chill, Pretty damn Amazing, Rockstar!
by tracecat90 February 3, 2010
The most beautiful girl in Danville, she has no idea how much she is appreciated. Everyone loves her and I wish she knew that. She is the sweetest, prettiest, most perfect girl I know and I wish I could call her my own. I love you Tracy.
Friend - You know Tracy?
Me - Yeah she's beautiful
by Danville Anonymous January 17, 2011
Tracy is a beautiful women, she is very loyal and is freaky with that special someone. Tracy is always there and ur lucky to have a Tracy in your life
Tracy is a smoke show.
by Luther games April 14, 2019
A big deal. Much bigger deal than Chuck.
Who's a bigger deal .. Tracy or Chuck ...

Tracy for sure.
by punkibrew December 7, 2010
Ambitious, loyal, and sometimes inconsiderate. Her ambition is a good thing, driving her to do her best. Her loyalty is what keeps her friends. A little bit weird, but that's part of the charm. She's a good friend and kind to most. A little awkward around guys. Funny, with a wacky sense of humor that not all people get. Her peers admire her academic prowess, but envy her too. A hothead, who can't handle her emotions. A ball of passionate fire. When she's mad, don't get too close. Overall, an interesting person.
Tracy is very ambitious.
by MilkTea7 March 7, 2019
The most beautiful woman in the world. She is glowing, radiating beauty, kind, loving, and classy. You will fall so hard for her and love her until the end of time. You won’t ever realize how you could love a person so deeply. You love everything about her, the good, the bad, and the ugly. She will push you to be the best you can, she will stick by you through anything, she WILL always love you. Her loyalty to you once she does fall in love, is unbeatable.
Tracy is an amazing girl inside and out. She's always smiling and laughing and she loves everyone and is such a fangirl. She's always there to give a helping hand and to be supportive of her friends and family, but when you cross her, she can become cold and crule. She's very understanding. She hates when people break promises or make promises they can't keep.
The best girl you can think of. normally short but guys think it's cute. shes the girl everyone turns to in advice shes the bestfriend or the sister. she may not act like she likes it but she does. she has mesmerizing blue gorgeous eyes and the best personality. she can be geeky but in the cutest way.

It takes her a while to trust.
She’s been known to have a rough life but that’s what makes her the tough woman she is and makes her the best friend/ lover you can ever have because she loves with her soul.
by Tracy June 25, 2020
a commercial and industrial city in north central California, in the San Joaquin Valley; pop. 79,196 (est. 2008).
by PJ Tracy Mother and daughter December 20, 2016