A loose goose old lady in her forties that loves dick. She douches her front & her back! nasty fat woman. Go back to NY. She's evil evil evil. Sleeps with any guy.
Ew, you did it with a tracey?
by missqtdelonge October 24, 2008
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Tracey is the sweetest people I know. All the boys all go down on one knee whenever are Tracey walks by. Traceys are the prettiest, gorgeous, beautiful people sometimes can be sassy but a classy bitch NOBODY CAN STOP THEM. Traceys inspired people to feel better about themselves. Anyone that marries a Tracey is one lucky person and should always be loyal to a Tracey you don't wanna get on her bad side. #Kyle
tracey is the best
by it all good riverdale April 30, 2019
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Tracey is an annoying and obsessive cow. She is secretly a very violent person and she spits out anger where ever she turns. Tracey is uneducated and is usually wrong, but she can never admit it, if you try to explain calmly why she was wrong, she will probably take a stab at your weight, or some low blow like that. Tracey is a burden and never be friends with one.
Your dog keeps eating it’s own shit!”
“I know that’s why I called it Tracey.”
by angrydefinitionair February 19, 2019
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Tracey is a stubborn, idiotic and fake person. She is secretly a violent person and hides behind a “happy” face, she is angry all the time and can be easily tipped off. Tracey is an annoying person, she will start yelling even if the time and place is inapropiriate. She is unreliable, always late and making excuses, she is a huge hipocrit and thinks the world revolves around her.
Your dog is eating it’s own shit!”
“Yeah that’s why I named it Tracey.”
by angrydefinitionair February 19, 2019
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The only way you could get a more classic stripper name then Tracey is if you named your daughter crystal or destiny. This girl is dirty slut bagel and will try to rub her slimy meat taco on you then freak at you for not treating her like a princess, tracey looks like a witch that banged frankenstein but the witch and frankenstein for family so she is also the product of halloween incest. If her soggy ham flaps had a password it would be 1234. But shes not a slut, at least that’s what she says right after having every man’s sausage stick find a way into every hole in her body, yes even the ear. Especially the ear. Tracey will probably make you pity her and be “fake depressed” but she just wants guys who she can hold onto and just bait them and fuck with their heads. You could cut off enough vagina lips to use as curtains and she would still have extra left over.
Man 1:Damn kyle, kevin, ben, jerry, trevor, connor, james, and mark were all in tracey last night!
Girl 1:um I was in her too
Man 1 and 2: oh shit
by Smartboywhohatesevilshrimp August 30, 2018
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whitch . a Tracey is someone who is constantly moaning at those around her with no sense of humour
Nagging-always having ago at people no matter what the circumstances and will not even give a smirk at the funniest of jokes .
Tracey is someone who you should not try to argue with as it will always end up
With a fight
by No one likes a tracey November 26, 2018
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Tracey is sneaky, manipulative and only thinks about herself. She is selfish and will take out anyone in her way. She is snakey and two faced especially when it comes to children. She has no respect for privacy and will often blame others for her wrongdoings.
Person 1: omg isn't she such a bitch
Person 2: yeah she's definitely a Tracey
by Jasper854 September 04, 2019
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