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tracey are the bomb.

there cool (cooler than you ). a tracey can dance * sings now watch me whip now watch nae nae and dances * like i said there are so nice a bit sassy but cool, pretty, popular, and all the boys drool over her
a tracey are the cooler person you met.
by it all good riverdale September 15, 2018

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Tracey is the sweetest people I know. All the boys all go down on one knee whenever are Tracey walks by. Traceys are the prettiest, gorgeous, beautiful people sometimes can be sassy but a classy bitch NOBODY CAN STOP THEM. Traceys inspired people to feel better about themselves. Anyone that marries a Tracey is one lucky person and should always be loyal to a Tracey you don't wanna get on her bad side. #Kyle
tracey is the best
by it all good riverdale April 30, 2019

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