A term used by pseudo-health professionals to convey to their clients exactly how much expertise they have in the field of absolutely nothing at all.
"Trust me, if you soak in a hot bath with a pinch of baking soda, a cup of lavender oil, and a brick of highly enriches uranium, it will rid your body of toxins."
"What exactly are these toxins?"
"Like, you know, toxins"
"Ah, ok...."
by SinisterCynic July 16, 2015
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A form of depression that will slowly infect others.
He is toxin and sadly being toxin he is toxin.
by Gwezt December 24, 2019
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the most craziest pimp you will ever see, has many hoes that do anything for him or to him.
The man is toxin. Could he be anymore toxin?
by Andrew January 1, 2005
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slang for 'talking,' particularly with someone of douchey character or a caustic personality.
"I was toxin with this girl who spoke entirely in corporate slogans, I swear... so damn annoying"
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Toxin is the son of Carnage and the grandson of Venom in the Marvel 616 Universe.

He is the most powerful Symbiote to date and shares attributes from his father and grandfather such as colours and abilities. He has faught Venom and Carnage simultaneously and won when he was less than a week old.

Toxin is the same size as Venom at base (695lbs) which is slightly larger than Carnage at 685lbs.
Toxin (Symbiote) was introduced in 2005
by Grant Hansen August 13, 2018
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infamous member of the Leet poo hit krew. known for smashing the skulls of noobs with his bare hands. see also probe and leet poo hit krew
noob-"OMg u faggot wallhaxor, how did you know i was there!!??11!!"

pwnmaster tox-"STFU"

by vergeltung November 29, 2004
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The Temper Toxin, also known as "Black Hawks Venom" is created by people with sporadic temper tantrums and/or split personality disorders . Once the person with the temper toxin bites you and gets this toxin into your blood stream it causes you to have sporadic temper tantrums.
1. Stay away from Andy i heard hes got the Temper Toxin.

2. Wow dude you got the Temper Toxin bad.
by Pencil Thrower April 18, 2010
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