Toxic Waste is a type of sour sweet that comes in what looks like a small yellow plastic barrel and costs £1. Inside the container, there are many individually wrapped sweets that come in the following flavours - BLack CHerry, Blue Raspberry, Lemon, Apple and Watermelon. Unfortunately, you only ever seem to get one rasperry and one melon per pack. They irritate your mouth if you eat too many in a short space of time, but they are rather addictive.
Oh my GOD ! I just ate 6 toxic waste in a row !! They are sooo good ! I feel as though the top of my mouth has been skinned....I need some bonjela......
by Lovecat March 18, 2007
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Phrase used to describe the people on Twitter, especially gay 14-year-olds.
"Dude I just checked Twitter, there was so much toxic waste."
"They probably called you 'bestie' and got horny over fictional characters, huh?
"Yeah man, and they were all little gay kids."
"Sounds pretty radioactive."
by Cxdavreous March 4, 2021
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When a passive-aggressive gets angry, and uses an excessive amount of sarcasm and reverse-psychology to completely obliterate and own an instigator. often completely unwarranted or over the top, and has an element of rant. the level of sourness displayed leaves a flavour in your mouth similar to that felt after eating a toxic waste lolly, renowned for their sourness and bitterness.
*In a classroom, harry chatting to mate*

Teacher to Harry: "go on harry, why don't you speak a bit louder, because i just don't think you are speaking loud enough, and in any case i think what you have to say about your pathetic weekend must be more important than the english lesson i am trying to give, especially once you consider that you will only need to know english for the rest of your life. in fact, why dont you come up to the front and take over the lesson, while we all patiently listen. come on. no? why not? you seemed to be enjoying talking over the top of me. well, here's your chance, i won't even try to speak while you are. go on...

*blah blah blah*

*awkward silence in class, harry mumbles non-committal reply*

Mate to harry: "dude, you just got toxically wasted. i think i'm gonna be sick from the sourness of that rant"
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Putting a Philadelphia cheesesteak inside your partners vagina and then putting in cheese wiz. You then proceed to mix your dick. It provided a nice stew you feast on afterward.
I totally gave her a Philly Toxic Waste.
by 69coolkids November 30, 2017
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Environmentalists’ fave nickname for the 45th POTUS.
We must temporarily slog through the swamp of this Toxic Waste Trump as he continues his anti-social attempts to remove the US from the hard-won international environmental accords.
by Dr Bunnygirl November 8, 2019
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A person who routinely proves that he/she serves no purpose in society. Generally carry themselves with a sense that they are the hottest shit on planet earth and are incapable of being wrong on any manner. This term can often be applied to celebrities, entertainers, artists and subjects of news stories who recieve accolades for no apparent reason. When critisized will often resort to "pouting" and "acting like a little bitch". Can generally be summed up as a waste of precious oxygen.
That guy is a toxic waste of life.
by rocky skyline November 2, 2009
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A bowel movement that stinks to high heaven, leaves streaks on the toilet porcelain, and in many cases, induces tears in anyone who comes near it. Anyone who comes in contact with it feels like it's an environmental disaster. Often the consistency of a chocolate soft serve ice cream.
Dan: What the fuck just happened in the shitter - it stinks like Love Canal?!? Wes - what did you do?
Wes: (sheeplishly grinning) I just took a toxic waste dump. Soary.
by weyus July 26, 2018
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