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A person who can't identify basic objects by touch, is touch blind. Their fingers simply cannot touch and recognize, especially in the dark. The result is endless fumbling around in pockets and purses searching for basic objects. Touch blindness also results in really awkward situations in the bedroom.
Sally is Touch Blind. She can never find objects using touch alone. She practically has to stick her entire head in her purse to find her lipstick.

Randy is also Touch Blind. The last time he was in a dark room it was a complete disaster. He placed his micropenis in some dude's ear, which gave the guy an earful of jizz and a horrible inner ear infection!

Nelson is also Touch Blind. While on his second date with Brenda, and after fumbling around for several minutes, Nelson accidental entered through the backdoor prompting Brenda to propose marriage.
by MobyR October 02, 2014
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