when u spread your ass cheeks and someone licks ur bum-hole
I dont want to toss your salad.
Do you want your salad tossed?
by bling bling October 14, 2003
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The "REAL" meaning comes from JAIL...When you get (CENSORED) in the (CENSORED) by another guy ....
Then you H4wk3r and Joe_Hard it out ...
"As SH*t GEe , I'm ganna add Dressing when I Toss YOur Salad tonight !! "
by Louis B September 27, 2005
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When someone licks the outer part of your anus, the layer before the hole.
Elijah bankboimegaswagg5000 said if u disrespect him again he's gonna toss your salad.
by Anonymousguy17 November 23, 2017
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To mix up a salad. What else did you think it meant?
Husband: "Hey honey, want me to toss your salad?"
Wife: "Sure! That'd be great."
by babychar August 19, 2011
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originally in prison, to have someone eat your ass out, with or without jelly or salad dressing.
Forcing your new bunkmate to toss your salad is a good way to set the tone of respect that keeps him well-behaved.

If he's respectful enough, you might let him use some jelly or salad dressing on it. . .
by cyberpope67,BC,Canada July 26, 2009
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