A singer songwriter with a blues like voice, wild temper, but loves just as hard. He tends to get lost in his own world, throwing himself into whatever he is passionate about. Down to earth but relaxation is a MUST for this kind of guy.
Did you hear that guy sing? Yeah I love that new song, he is SUCH a Torrence.
by Baby Toots February 4, 2010
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A quite nigga from the tre 4 that’s very intelligent but act dumb and a fighter and a lover and he thinks outside the box and don’t play with nobody
Damn Why Torrence so quite
by Torrence March 26, 2018
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Another name for BitTorrent, particularly in reference to getting a pirate copy of music/films/etc.
We don't get that TV show here, but my Uncle Torrence has got it for me, good old Uncle Torrence
by Oosh October 10, 2009
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Cool kid/ crzy fro/ lots of money/ parties like a monkey/ Sleeps....ALOT!!! eats his boogers/ pees on the toillet seat/ plays with little dolls and eats the hair. Watches porn like a mother fucker! ...(in HD) of course. Loves his naked women on top ;) and wet in the shower. Fucked his math teacher in the ass
rehserahaeraerea Chris Torrence
by Cheerleader247 November 22, 2010
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