When someone has all of their buttons done up on a polo shirt and it looks nice/good.
Person 1 - "Whoah, Lydia has all her buttons done up on her polo shirt, it looks really nice."
Person 2 - "She has top button swag obviously."
by chexxa November 26, 2011
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A girl that is very manly. They are the butchest of the butch. Their masculinity is something of wonder and never in question.
"Do you see Sarah over there with her wide stance and domineering presence?"

"Oh yes she is a total top button butch."
by Iknowsomeofthesethings May 27, 2018
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Like a muffin top, only lower, and specifically in the rear. Caused by insanely too-tight shorts or pants that squeeze one's butt cheeks out like it's butt cleavage.
plumbers crack muffin top
It wasn't just a plumber's crack, there was serious button top on display.
by Crabby McClaw June 19, 2014
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A penis that resembles small mushroom with a big round head.
I tried to enjoy it but he had a Button Top Mushroom for a dick
by poop in the clit April 28, 2017
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Common slang for "just the top button"
"Hey, can you look up on urbanditionary what "just top button" is"

okay. <go to computer and enter "just the top button">

"The definition isn't here man. I guess i'll just enter in the definition"

<Enters the above into the definition>
by niggletss February 06, 2014
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