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A corruption of the acronym "That Oriental Over There". Refers to a member of any KPop, JPop, or otherwise applicable pop group who posesses basic, banal, and even slightly stereotypical Asian features. Despite this disturbing and exasperating quality, the member will indubitably acquire and maintain a sizeable fan base, though likely populated by women and men of equal aesthetic caliber who adore this member because of their resemblance to Mamochan of Sailor Moon.
Me: Oh my gawd, when I first saw Jin in the Dope MV he looked like such a fucking Tootsi.

Friend: Jin is a fucking Tootsi!

Me: (whispers low) why am I in love with him then?

Friend: (single tear cascades down cheek) my sweet Mamochan....
by IVCEligible July 15, 2016
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