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To dance with your mind or tease
I tonts him with a smile inviting his devilish thoughts to poison my Innocence
by Kimmmy October 16, 2018
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an idiot. taking from swedish, spelt tΓΆnt
that jaytea is a real tΓΆnt sometimes
by jaytea June 26, 2005
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"Tont(s)" can be used to express a sign of anger, relief, happiness, sadness, excitement or pain.
Tonts! I have to leave my best friends and start a new life.

AHHH TONTS I cannot wait for December!
by #1tonter August 26, 2017
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A contraction consisting of the words "to" and "not".
Dale: Erik you are ton't touch my microwave pineaples
Erik: of course I wouldn't touch your microwave pineaples, what do you take me for? Someone who can spell pineaple correctly?
by Ier January 02, 2020
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