1)Wannabe Whore; enjoys lying about sleeping with boys who are taken in order to cause havoc and pain on people previously happy.
2)A skin disorder causing sufferer to look like a deformed pig only females are affected by said condition
1)Dude 1: "geez dude look at that 14 year old getting pissed and saying she slept with that guy who is so out of her league!?!"
Dude2: "Ah yeh...thats just a Toni.."
Dude1: "lol...bint..."
2)Dude1: "Euggh what a disgusting myspace pik! she looks like a man!"
Dude2: "eugh she mustve caught toni..."
*both shudder*
by Candice14345 August 23, 2007
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A term of endearment for either a male or female. It can be combind with other words that rhyme depending on how good of a friend that person is.
You are my favorite, Teeny Tonis Pony with the mini hula hoop. or I wanted to ask if you and Brother Tonis Pone have plans for Saturday night?

by Toney Pone July 10, 2008
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Verb: to toni is to throw someone under the bus, expose to ridicule or stab in the back.
When Bill asked who broke the dishes, Dan tonied Trish by blaming her.
by goodpizza May 23, 2009
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A lying cheating ex-wife who gets preggers by the neighbor and then moves in with him and takes your kids to Cockeysville like 45 minutes away and you never get to see them anymore and who has you pay a ton in child support.
"Man that awesome sweet awesome handsome ex-husband totally got Tonied."
by The-ex February 04, 2010
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Someone who tries to ween men of her but always fails, ends up becoming frustrated.
Toni's got another man on her this week, can't she ever get rid of them
by YouJustGotBeanedSON February 27, 2017
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A toni is a male who will suck dick to get what he wants. He prefers black males but any dick will do.
Bob is a total toni. He has been blowing customers all day , just so he can try to be manager some day. Dick gay queer douche monkey lover anal
by enterprise February 03, 2015
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