TONI- (in my book) the hot chick from Canada i can always talk to and laugh and kill time with
You meet her on steam, and she made me use my gay facebook more often xD Her name is Toni and she likes weed cookies xD
by mat126 September 06, 2010
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A blessed woman. God has shown her favor even when she didn't deserve it.
Toni is blessed beyond measure.
by Annie's Baby December 19, 2016
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a word for a boy that is insanely attractive and sweet. a tonis usually has a very large and very tasty penis.
Your such a tonis. Fuck me. Harder. Oh yes. UUUUUUH. Ohhhhh. Right there. Oh yeah baby.
by ad;kjakldsjklfasd November 14, 2007
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Toni, a young hot sexy girl who name is nico is most likely to have sex with nico and make out with him in me Leoners class. Sometimes, nicos friends (andrew) can be a pet nigger. Noah Golden is a sheep and Joey is a cute baby kangaroo.
Look it’s Toni’s boyfriend hot sexy Nico
by Oale0284 March 22, 2019
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Toni is a wild girl who will give you crazy eyes as she grabs your friends crotch.. She is not one to let go of her man or men easily and is known to be a phsyco ex. Watch yourself if you ever cross Toni in a wrong way.
I met this chick Toni the other day, what a mistake
by Gggg92 March 06, 2016
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