1. Usually for a man, at the moment of climax during sex farting audibly for your partner to hear.

2. The sound made when something sucks.
1. After the chili-fest i took her home and tone boned her.

2. I heard Underworld 2 is coming out soon, that gets a tone bone.
by sick in the head January 09, 2006
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A man with the biggest cock imaginable. Huge cock guy. Huge.
There goes tone bone. Damnnnnnn that’s a big cock! It’s hanging through he’s jeans all the way down to his ankles.
by Biga March 14, 2019
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to be heavy metal and swing your heavy metal hair
"dude, look at that guy, swinging his heavy metal hair, he looks like fucking tonebone right now"
by Timm P. May 15, 2008
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When a male is so skinny he is considered borderline anorexic
Dean is such a tone bone, you can hear the wind whistling through the creases of his bones
by Jacked Ginge November 12, 2018
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