"Hey Kenny, can you fix my computer?"
Kenny: "Sure, but it's tomorrowable."
by decli February 3, 2010
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getting so drunk that you wake up the next day as if nothing happened, "blacking out"; "time traveling"; "getting shitty".
"me and that nigga earl went to the liquor store and picked up a handle of hunnid proof, needless to say, we got tomorrowed."
by block dumby December 24, 2009
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Maybe the next day, or maybe a week from today. It's a generic term for the future, ≥ 1 day and ≤ 1 week.
Sacheezus got drunk and said that he'd pick me up tomorrow, meaning 6 days from now.
by mug-abo June 15, 2009
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the day that keeps you going!! the thing that lets you know everything will be ok! or it’s the day you have great plans for. maybe your best friend is coming over. maybe family is coming in from out of town. tomorrow is great!!
it will be ok tomorrow.

can’t wait for tomorrow!!
by vscogirl8197 October 26, 2019
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A sorry excuse for fat people to not start a diet
kristi ally: have you called jenny yet?
rosie o'donald:maybe tomorrow
by FlawlesImperfection December 23, 2010
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the day after today ... What happens after its midnight.
Tomorrow, tomorrow ... it soon will be tomorrow its only a day away ...

Lets go see a movie tomorrow.

Hey its 1:00 am ... today must be tomorrow.
by eddieQ June 24, 2005
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