(University setting) the lnext time a class will meet, whether or not that is the day following today.
Tomorrow we will begin discussion the great William Shakespear!
by Dictionary Nerd June 5, 2009
A magical land where 99% of humanity's motivation, productivity, and achivement is stored.
Teacher: "You should do your assesment."
Me: "I'll do it... tomorrow."
by Eric_Longtooth May 10, 2018
A mystical land where 99% of all human productivity, motivation and achievement is stored.
by Swez July 5, 2015
A mystical land where 99% of all human productibity, motivation and achievement is stored.
by imadtoubal October 16, 2014
(noun) The day when all essays currently being written are due.
The hell? Today's Wednesday?! My paper is due tomorrow and I ain't started!
by shouldbewritingessaynow February 18, 2009
A mythical period in time which everyone knows about but has no memory of.
A lot of people say that it is the day after today and that tomorrow will be here at midnight, but if you actually wait until midnight it is today again.
Often used by people to put off work as the new required deadline will never arrive.
Dad: Son, tidy your room.
Son: Ill do it tomorrow.
Dad: Get out of my house you lazy shit!
by SteveC74 October 15, 2006
A band that comes from Orlando, Florida. They are made up of Maika Maile, Christian Climer, Jay Enriquez and Christopher Kamrada. Their motto is "Stay Real".

"Pages", the debut EP recorded in association with multiple gold record producer James Paul Wisner (Underoath, The Academy Is, Dashboard Confessional, Paramore) bursts on the scene and serves as a showpiece of excellence for this vibrant bands talent. This stellar production highlights There For Tomorrows own unique creativity. It blossoms with intricate arrangements blending with catchy hooks, driving yet melodic guitars & large drums that go hand in hand to achieve their big sound. Early indications from the music industry, reveals a buzz that can be described as no less than a massive groundswell of interest and high expectations.

With a fresh new sound and memorable high-energy performances, their fan base is rapidly growing. Their resurgence has continued on the heels of recent mind blowing shows such as sold out events at Hard Rock Live Orlando, Murray Hill in Jacksonville, and the Back Booth in Orlando. As a follow up to those successful events, in December 2006 they went on to win an O-Rock 105.9 (Orlando) competition and rocked in front of ten thousand at the No Snow Show concert at Tinker Field. Opening for bands such as AFI, Taking Back Sunday, Angels and Airwaves, Buckcherry, The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus, Sugarcult & Kill Hannah.

There For Tomorrows sound has continued to mature in lockstep with their progressive musical consciousness. A process that has rendered perpetual development of refined compositions that speaks to all rock generations, and serves as proof that they are gifted beyond their years. With so much recent positive feedback from industry insiders and fans alike, high expectations abound for anyone who has experienced a There For Tomorrow show firsthand. Being on the verge of a breakthrough, this is one of those exciting bands that should be on everyones One to Watch list!

"One of the most talented bands I’ve ever worked with."
- James Paul Wisner

"The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus gives There For Tomorrow two thumbs up and a high five."
- The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus
person 1: have you heared that band There For Tomorrow?
person 2: YEAH MAN! their real!
by ftw candice March 30, 2008