According to a former U.S. Vice President, a (usually) red type of produce that is the key ingredient to tomato sauce. Obviously it was a misspelling, but it is understandable because said former U.S. Vice President was raised in Indiana, a state known for a plethora of roadside produce stands with signs proclaiming "tomatoe", "greenbean's, pie's, and "ear's of corn", etc.
Based on a real event where said former U.S. Vice President incorrectly corrected a youngster as to the proper spelling of "tomato", holding fast to the spelling "tomatoe".
by Jorg Sacul August 05, 2006
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"Castara, what is a tomatoe?" I ask my friend.
She replies, "It's just my dads way of saying tomato" She said sounding embarrassed.
by Queen/Cupcakes/Sister February 21, 2017
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Pronounced: 'to-mah-tow'

A fruit that can vary in color: red, orange, yellow, even green- but not blue.
"Wow, that tah-muh-tow looks delicious!"
"Too the tomatoe isn't blue..."
via giphy
by tah-muh-tow December 14, 2016
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1. someone who engages in promiscuous sexual realtion useually for money
2. someone who prosents themselves as a skank
3. someone who wears revealing clothing
girl 1: wow! did you see stephanie's myspace pictures?
girl 2: yeah. she is such a tomatoe
girl 1: i know! i mean PUT SOME CLOTHES ON!
guy: i thought she was pretty HOTT
by tastexxmyxxchaos April 19, 2007
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a word used by geeks that is placed at the end of a sentance (could be used as a full stop)

ben .. your a tomatoe head
OGM WTF ree ree head tomatoe
by Serpent February 28, 2005
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