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The singular of data; but this form is never used anymore.
One example that shows Gresham's law, which says "bad money drives out good money."; the very same reason why IQ 70s prevail in this world now.
I can't find any usage for datum anymore!
by jaelee11 March 21, 2008
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A (very) brief letter or note
I've just got a notelet from a motherfucker saying "I'll fuck your head off, bitch!!!".
by jaelee11 February 23, 2008
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"Through hardships to the stars."
A moto of trekkies or the like.
Trekkie: Per aspera ad Astra!
Non-trekkie: Huh?? What did you say?
by jaelee11 March 17, 2008
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Abbreviation for Antichristian.
Being an AC does not always mean you hate God.
by jaelee11 February 19, 2008
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Something such as a topic or a matter, often unpleasant, that is required to think or discuss over for long time.
This topic seems a hard-chew! I need to chew it over.
by jaelee11 March 12, 2008
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Amoeba's brain is better than mayonaise in your head!
by jaelee11 February 8, 2008
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A very short movie/video or a clip from a movie/video.
See also moviet.
I made a moviette on a fucking nut who believes himself a "reborn Jesus Christ."

by jaelee11 March 27, 2008
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