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A short southern douche, that talks with an annoying southern accent, watches NASCAR and drinks a lot of alcohol giving him a little red head. Hence "Tomato Head." You can actually see his head get redder as he gets more upset, usually at something trailer park related.
A Tomato Head is generally a NASCAR fan that lives in a trailer park that is an alcoholic.
by way2broke January 17, 2009
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An epic skin in the popular game fortnite battle royale, for 1,500 of the in game currency known as vbucks
I want to get the tomatohead skin, but I can't afford the vbucks
by Ityaboy June 25, 2018
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One with Red Hair....can be used for male or female in a condescending or an affectionate way.
"My girlfriend is the most beautiful little Tomato head!!"

" Who's that hottie across the bar?? He's not bad for a Tomato Head! I'm going to go talk to him. I'm going to go make ketchup. "
by Anitamartini November 07, 2011
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What's old and grumpy and turns bright red . . . . Mister Tomato Head.

or (for those across the pond)

'Tis old and grumpy and turns bright red . . . . Mister Tomatoe Head.
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Smelly fucking jock with a red face. So red and smelly that all you can think of is of a tomato. An extremely boring beast. Any taken girl is unsafe from this wild animal. They don't want single girls. Tomato Head comes out mostly at night when he's drinking with his equally faggetty team mates.
Tomato Head Quotes

*"I'm soooooo highhhh right now "(not high)
*"Want to come snuggle?"
*"I was trying to wheel you! You don't act like you have a boyfriend..."
*"Go tuck your room mate in and come over to my place"
*"Let's get blietzkrieg!!! "
by KKES January 11, 2010
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When receiving oral sex, your bitch uses too much teeth, and your penis begins to bleed.
Cheat on my ass, will ya? Tomato head! ***CHOMP***

How was she? Well, she wasn't the most experienced girl. What do you mean? Well.................... I got tomato-head
by DongMonger April 27, 2010
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