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Plant created by grafting the roots of a tobacco plant to a tomato plant resulting in a tomato plant with nicotine infused leaves and fruit.

The known first example of such a plant was created by Rob Baur and publicized in October 2003. Tests have confirmed the presence of nicotine in the leaves.
by tletnes November 04, 2003
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Fruit, produced through genetic fusion between a tomato and a tobacco plant using highly volatile uranium bars, ressembling a tomato, but filled with a black, goop-like, addictive substance.
They taste like granny.
by Chris July 29, 2003
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Any plant of the Genis Nicotiana tobacum Lycopersicon of which produces a narcotic and extremely addictive affect when consumed usu. orally
Cheif Wiggum: Hey ralph be careful with thta tomacco plant

Ralph Wiggum: This stuff tastes like Grandma

Ralph Wiggum: I want More
by Brother Number One November 06, 2003
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Related to the Hoodrat family, a Tomacco is a female that will go to extreme lengths to have sexual intercourse with any male in the same household as the Tomacco.

Generally Tomacco's have a wizards sleeve 3 inches long and you can fit your head in her snatch.

The Tomacco has a mating call, it is high pitched and sounds like "I'm HORNYYYYYY". Or "TommmmaccoOoOoOoOo"

Reference to the Simpsons where crazy farm animals break down boarded windows for Homers Tomacco plant.
That Tomacco tried to kick my door in last night to give me mallet!
by MalletMan December 13, 2016
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