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A show on Adult Swim about a guy named Tom who just moved to a small town and has lots of interesting ideas for the mayor. Cheap animation, but funny stuff anyway.
by rtil March 27, 2005
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The brainchild of Tim Heidecker and Eric Wareheim in which Tom Peters presents various entrepreneurial ideas to the eccentric mayor of Jefferton.
Mayor: Mayor's Office.
Tom: Hi, there, Mayor. It's uh, me, Tom Peters.
Mayor: Right...
Tom: Just wanted to let you know I've come up with some plans that could help the city of Jefferton--
Mayor: Delicious, chip chips.
Tom: Well, uh, for one thing, the new season of 'Tom Goes to the Mayor' is starting and--
Mayor: Oh, my Michael...
by Jackie Deram July 19, 2006
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This show is not funny at all. I've seen about 10 episodes, and none of them have made me laugh. It is just the same idea recycled over and over, with tweaks to the plot here and there. The only funny episode has Tenacious D in it.
by Da Spud April 29, 2005
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