A anime where a kid goes back 12 years to save his girlfriend
Josh: hey you wanna watch erased
Chad: Nah ima watch tokyo revengers, its far better
by TheGalaxyMine June 6, 2021
Tokyo's Revenge is a rapper that makes good music and he some comedy to his songs as well. He is known for his songs "GOODMORINGTOKYO", "THOT! and, "Gotham". He is making a name for himself in the rap community. Based off of his growth in the community I don't think he is going to stop any time soon.
Roommate 1: Yo have you heard Tokyo's Revenge's new song. That shit slaps!
Roommate 2: No he's trash why would I waste my time listening to him.
Roommate 1: I can't live with you anymore.
by Telfxn November 10, 2020
Es una secta llamada “donde están las que pelan tomateeee” y usada es para chapar entre personas del fandom de Tokyo revengers
La secta se Tokyo revengers es siniestra .
Tokyo revengers secta: Con secta se refiere a una unión de pandilleros que no superan un manga estos pandilleros suelen ser incapaces de matar una mosca pero son muy atractivos
by Draken&mikey June 19, 2021
Mikey is usually a carefree teenager who loves to joke and play pranks around those he considers his close friends. He cares for them greatly and is determined to protect their honor. Mikey's best friend is Alex, a nerdy and self-conscious teen who is also his best ally. Alex is the kind of person who always says the right thing and keeps his mouth shut when necessary. His best buddy is Connor , who's always positive and always knows the best way to help Mike. Finally, there is Mike's father, played by a very strange character. This man loves his son more than anything else in the world, but he knows that Mike is his life. If anything happened to him, Mike would die.
This episode features a lot of fun characters, including the villain. The evil villain is a group of evil guys that have been planning to eliminate everyone in this show. They are led by the leader, Mr. Stokes, who has been known as the bad guy for a long time. One of the other members is named Mr G, and he's really the reason why this evil group can exist.
Mikey (Tokyo Revengers) is badass ( ͡~ ͜ʖ ͡°)
by Drapen December 2, 2021