A anime where a kid goes back 12 years to save his girlfriend
Josh: hey you wanna watch erased
Chad: Nah ima watch tokyo revengers, its far better
by TheGalaxyMine June 06, 2021
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Tokyo's Revenge is a rapper that makes good music and he some comedy to his songs as well. He is known for his songs "GOODMORINGTOKYO", "THOT! and, "Gotham". He is making a name for himself in the rap community. Based off of his growth in the community I don't think he is going to stop any time soon.
Roommate 1: Yo have you heard Tokyo's Revenge's new song. That shit slaps!
Roommate 2: No he's trash why would I waste my time listening to him.
Roommate 1: I can't live with you anymore.
by Telfxn November 10, 2020
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Es una secta llamada “donde están las que pelan tomateeee” y usada es para chapar entre personas del fandom de Tokyo revengers
La secta se Tokyo revengers es siniestra .
Tokyo revengers secta: Con secta se refiere a una unión de pandilleros que no superan un manga estos pandilleros suelen ser incapaces de matar una mosca pero son muy atractivos
by Draken&mikey June 18, 2021
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