To pope on (phrasal verb) 1. to fit in 2. to fit into something 3. to have a sexual intercourse on somewhere/ with someone.
e.g., All the songs pope on a cello; She popes on every dress she tries; They poped on such a car small car! (=Surprisingly, they had sex in there); I would pope on that cello (=Reference to the sexy cellist).
by Quarter Horse October 19, 2013
Poped: Verb
To lower ones standards purely for sexual gratification. This is a quantity over quality concept while going "batman".
Used in a sentence: I Poped last night and picked up some scank and screwed her all night long.
Named after a well known manwhore.
While feeling Poped, i meet this slut, bitch, whore on a web site and nailed her in the field behind my house. Just to get a nut!
by goldenrod February 22, 2014
Those awaiting to hear if they will be the next Pope.
The Popefuls, are waiting to hear, anxiously, if it might be, him/her.
by Marci April 3, 2005
Pope(Latin, Father); The title of the Bishop of Rome, the western roman catholic church. The first Bishop of Rome is believed to be St. Peter, since in Matthew 16 Christ gave the Keys of Heaven unto St. Peter, meaning authority in Isaiah 22 of the Old Testament. Authority over God's household. Through Apostolic Succession, the title of Bishop of Rome has been kept in tact, the current Bishop of Rome is, John Paul II successor of the Seat of Peter. For any of you ignorant of anything or history, the Popes who did the inquisition and crusades never touched doctrine, therefore the Church has been saved from their awful duty as an individual. The Pope also serves much use, and to the ignorant Christians; there are 21 Rites of the Roman Catholic Church, therefore attacking the Church as a whole, you're attacking yourself, considering protestants came off the Latin Rite or known as, the Roman Rite in the western side of Christianity.
Pope; Visible head of the Catholic Church.
by Brent August 1, 2004
insulting word, to be used in place of asshole, fucker, etc.
Dude, why do you have to be such a fuckin' pope all the time?!
by Sdrawkcab October 8, 2007
He used to be in the Hitler Youth.
Dude, did you know the Pope used to be a Nazi?
by Godden™ April 18, 2007
The leader of the Roman Catholic Church. He has the power to appoint and remove church leaders, including the electors in the College of Cardinals.
The Pope has dedicated his life to serving God.
by Nicolai March 30, 2004