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The consolidation of sex and a massage, but the sex comes first. Therefore, instead of a happy ending, you have a happy beginning, which makes the massage that more relaxing. Wondering if you're going to get a happy ending can make a massage tense, but the point it to relax, so I definitely recommend the happy beginning.
Girlfriend: Hey, turn over, I'll give you a massage.
Boyfriend: How about we have a little sex first?
Girlfriend: Oh, you want a happy beginning.
by Goldenrod June 21, 2008

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Poped: Verb
To lower ones standards purely for sexual gratification. This is a quantity over quality concept while going "batman".
Used in a sentence: I Poped last night and picked up some scank and screwed her all night long.
Named after a well known manwhore.
While feeling Poped, i meet this slut, bitch, whore on a web site and nailed her in the field behind my house. Just to get a nut!
by goldenrod February 22, 2014

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An elaborate presentation of a woman's pubic hair, which also makes use of the entire area (labia, moles, birthmarks, etc.).
Hey, Darla, what's your pussyscape looking like today?
I cut it to look like Niagra Falls!
by Goldenrod August 29, 2008

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